Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The sock fiasco!

So as eczema is primarily a stress-related skin condition, and i'm obviously a very stressed person I have now decided to use this to release some stress. Some people meditate, I blog. So what's on my mind you ask me Facebook? Well ... Tomorrow I am sent back to what I refer to as prison, also known as school, and as one day flows into another and winter becomes spring, we are now forced to wear socks instead of tights. It never really hit me before but the minute I pulled those ugly white socks out I stopped. MY LEGS! So I'm lucky enough to be able to control the eczema on my face and on my neck and shoulders ... well it's bearable, well definitely not as bad as my legs. My legs are probably the worst affected area. Because at the end of the day, you can cover your legs with tights but you can't cover your face ... unless you're religious, and I'm not so ... well anyway, I COULD cover my legs.. but now, everyone will be faced with the red patchiness. Walking down the street in the pass, I've had some odd looks to my shoulder-face region but considering the difference between my face and my legs I have no idea how people are going to react, and I've heard all the rumours about other girls who have suffered through this and been called "contangious" "blotch" and what not, and I barely fit in at my school as it is, how the HELL am I going to fit in looking like I've been hit my rapid red spray paint. How are people going to react tomorrow? I don't know, will I be a coward and go in tights and just be odd? Most probably, but anyway, I'll keep you in touch with how it goes, fingers crossed!

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