Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Let's start blogging...

Hi, my name's lizzy, I'm 15 years old and on the 18th December 2010 I contracted a condition called extreme eczema. Eczema is a common condition that 3 out of 5 people have, it's a dryness of the skin usually in quite moist areas, such as the back of your knees and the inside of your elbows, where your skin grows rashes becomes itchy and can easily tear causing cuts. Extreme eczema is the same thing except all over your body including your ears, your feet and your hands. Extreme eczema is a nuisance and quite unattractive, especially as I have now lost the ability to smile, but considering what else I could have had I am very lucky and every day I count my lucky stars. But some people aren't as lucky as I am.

I was inspired by my best friend who has Icthyosis, an extreme skin condition much worse than my own which is also extremely rare, but she is brave and one of the most amazing people i have ever met. And so I have decided with her inspiration that we should all bring awareness to the prejudice some people have to suffer due to a condition they were born with or a disfigurement later on in life. Katie Piper (known from her show "Katie: My Beautiful Friends") is also doing a similar thing on a massive scale and it has also inspired me to be a better person in life.

I have decided that every week I shall add to this blog documenting my feelings, fears and facts that I have faced when suffering with eczema throughout my secondary school years. I hope that maybe somebody will see this blog and draw inspiration from what i've been through to change their own life and what they're planning to do. Also, I am thinking about making a counseling group, which sounds awful I know, but maybe for a group of people who suffer from any time of skin related conditions to come together and talk with one another and just have a free haven where they are able to be proud of what they go through on a day to day life instead of covering it all up, if you're interested please contact me, I don't really know how this whole blogging thing works so just e-mail me at : lizzy_trueman@hotmail.co.uk
Also, if you just want to e-mail me for a chat at any point i'd be happy to talk :D

I'm sorry to start my blogging days quite depressingly but once we get all the depressing shinanigns out of the way we can look forward to the happy future, so I promise to back my blogs a lot more cheerful and happier than this one. But no matter where you are in the World or what you're suffering with just remember that your loved ones will keep you strong ♥

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