Thursday, 28 April 2011

Bad Day

I'm sorry but I'm absolutely knackered so will not be writing my usual essay, but instead I'll just sum up my day in a few bullet points:
-I had a family problem
-People laughed at me
-People stared
-Had a stressful day with my coursework
-I got two detentions
-And i've had to wash my hair twice (stupid cream)
SIGH i'm glad this day is over to be honest
I was thinking today, I have absolutely no-one to talk to about my skin, I think this why I console in this blog, cause no-one I know can understand it all, no-one knows what i'm having to go through and what bugs me, people who SAY they know how i feel when they have no clue. I just want to talk to someone who can understand me. What makes me feel worse is that there are hundreds of people out there in the World who feel EXACTLY how i feel, but there's no way for us ever to meet ... such a shame! Remember my e-mail address is: if you ever want to send me a message
Talk soon bloggers, lets hope kate and william have a wonderful day tomorrow <3

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