Friday, 22 July 2011

Looking to the future

So readers... I was watching a show quite similar to the Katie Piper show that many people have seen. It's called "Kellie: The Girl Who Played With Fire" and it's about a girl who's suffered all her life with burn marks, and her story is absolutely incredible!
I feel so bad about even blogging about my condition. Some people have gone through so much! And you never realise it! But it really hones in, NEVER GIVE UP! No matter what you've gone through, or what you're going through, there is always somewhere out there to help!

But this show really honed in to me that we take so much for granted and instead of just sitting around like coach potatoes we actually need to do something! There are so many treatments availbale in other countries but unavailble to many people suffering in the United Kingdom who are unable to afford the flight, so however you can, PLEASE help raise money for the Katie Piper Foundation! However you can! Believe me, it is going to an incredible cause! And no matter what, never judge on someone on their looks! Get to know them first! Please, for my sake!

ALSO, another point, I'm just about to turn 16 so am applying for lots of jobs as I'm broke like nearly everyone my age and want to make my own money, and I was filling out an application form recently and it said "Do you have any disabilities?", I went to tick no as I don't deem myself as having any, but they put "This also includes skin conditions" so I had to put down yes, which makes me feel horrible! I don't have any disabilities, some people do have disabilities and for them I pray for them! It must be horrendous living with any sort of disability but I'm an able young girl, I'm able to do whatever I want, just because I have a few scars doesn't make me unable to do a job. I am perfectly able. I am not disabled. You disrespectful *****!

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