Thursday, 19 May 2011

Bring on the good times

Hey Bloggers,
What up, what up? Long time,
Well I kind of promised myself that I would not go on Blogger AT ALL during study leave... but here I am... during study leave. It seems like a good stress relief so I'm using that excuse.
So what has everyone been up to while I've been away? Good I hope
Anyway.. I had a revelation.... it doesn't matter what I've been through, or the set backs I have right now, the main thing is to reach forward, and reach for the stars. I need to reach my goal, and after all passion is a force so strong that it can drive anything forward, IF YOU BELIEVE, and one day I do believe that I will make it in the theatre world as I dream too <3
Sorry for the incredibly cheesy blog, but that's how I feel today, and I promise to keep more in tact.
ALSO, if I haven't lost your interest by now, here's my daily booth: take a look, I love photography and I love edits so yeah, this has become my past time <3
Remember if you ever wanna give me a buzz my email is:
Alright, choui choui my loves <3 Keep reading

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  1. Hey, You have stopped blogging I am also 15 and suffer from Eczema, I just thought I would say hi, Its nice to talk to someone who is in the same situation:)